About us

Scientific Innovations started in 2012 with a vision to offer complete Innovative Instruments and Equipments in the field of biotechnology and medical research.

We cater to research people in Biotech, Microbiology, Animal Sciences, Blood Banks and Industrial Research.

We offer a range of instruments and equipments which will provide value addition in each and every field of biotech and medical research apart from serving the need.

We are always in the hunt of identifying innovative products with environmental-friendly and green technology, which can drastically reduce the human interference and to provide ultra modern technology solutions. We shall offer new products time-to-time which will innovate the scientific field with its unique feature and application.

All the products offered by us are from most trusted brands which will ensure trouble-free operation and high level of satisfaction.

We always believe in “Customer Satisfaction” which will fetch us more business than mere marketing.

Scientific Innovations – An Innovative Store of High Quality Products